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Lars Krantz
Chief Technology Officer & Founder
Södergatan 15
211 34 Malmö 
A programming Big Band trumpeter

It’s been almost 40 years since I wrote my first program on an ABC 80. And what a journey it has been, from these ancient stand-alone computers to internet and cloud-based systems, putting AI, BlockChain and Quantum Computing in the mix. These gigantic strides in technology makes me pedal my bike enthusiastically to the office in the mornings.

In our development teams, the motto is “To boldly go where no developer has gone before” – making us strive for taking technology leaps that makes us better, faster and ahead of the competition.

My entrepreneurial endeavours started when I was 18 by importing Taiwanese IBM-compatible computers. After studying Microcomputer Engineering, focus shifted to starting a network consulting firm with some classmates. During my only employment, as head of web development, the stars were aligned and Pontus and I found each other, so I started working with Upptec in 2002 and later went all in as technical co-founder.

Lars Krantz
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