Sustainable Settlement in seconds

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Go from claim to payout in seconds

Upptec Settlement gives your policyholder an element of choice. Easy, fast and flexible is what the consumers want. With Upptec you can deliver just that. Cash, replacement, repair, or vouchers for the policyholder to choose from.


A fully automated end-to-end digital experience

It is easy to neglect the settlement stage. But in fact this is a great last opportunity to interact with your customers. Upptec Settlement is an easy, fast and digital settlement for carriers – very few consider the conversion to a circular economy in the claim and settlement process.

How can you offer Sustainability

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Offering a sustainable settlement

For the past few years, refurbished products have been recognized as a sustainable and more financially accessible alternative to purchasing new products.

At the same time, environmental consequences are catching up with our linear consumption and a global pandemic accelerated the need to rethink our old ways. The winners in this new market are those who are quick to adapt with creative solutions.

Sustainable Settlement in seconds

Read the full product paper below.

Claims Automation – Fully Automated in Guidewire

Claims are by far the largest expense for carriers. Upptec Valuation Add-on is a claims automation process, which is the remedy to the industry’s major pain-points, by saving time, reducing compensation variation and bringing transparency to policyholders.

Upptec has developed a cutting-edge solution which enables contents claim automation for home insurance. It allows Guidewire users to provide a fair, transparent, and quick compensation. As a result, the customer’s digital experience is improved whilst claim costs are reduced.

Customer use case showed a 78% successful STP (straight-through-process) of claims with Upptec Valuation.

Sustainable Settlement in seconds

Read the full product paper below.

Sustainability on top of the agenda

It’s no news to anyone that sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda.
In 2020, major steps have been taken in the insurance industry to implement processes of a sustainable perspective. However, we are only at the beginning of what is to come. It’s time to think circular or risk falling behind.

Find out what’s next in Insurtech

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A new era in Claims Customer Experience

Last year sparked the beginning of a new decade and a new era – the digital era defined by customer expectations and business process resilience due to COVID-19.

The discussion around automation of claims shifted focus from delivering the most innovative products in customer experience purposes, to also securing digital processes and tools to enable sustainable operational efficiency and customer availability in digital channels. The success criteria defined – Identify a digital channel mix powered by automation for the customer journey that enables 24/7 availability for anyone, anywhere.