Optimizing Claims With Some New Thinking

Upptec and Spares Nordic has entered a collaboration to enable Swedish insurance companies to evaluate and replace parts of Apple AirPods.


Published on:

30 September 2021

Optimizing claims – for real

Upptec releases a new Swedish valuation feature in collaboration with Spares Nordic. This means that Upptec’s customers now have the option to evaluate, calculate, and replace product parts. Apple AirPods have been identified as a particularly interesting case; Partly due to Apple’s massive market share over the last four years, and partly due to the easily misplaced nature of the three wireless parts (the two pods and charging case).


AirPods are by far the largest TWS product globally

AirPods were estimated to make up 60% of the global TWS (true wireless) market in 2019 – a market that was valued at 2.17 billion USD according to Grand View Research. Due to increased competition there has been a decline in market share since, but revenue has increased as a result of the expanding market for Bluetooth headphones.

Upptec Analytics shows that AirPods make up 64% of all claims within the category of headphones. Read more about Upptec Analytics here.


A solution to growing e-waste

The swapping and replacing of fully functional electronics is a strongly contributing factor to the rapidly growing issue of e-waste. The wastefulness becomes all the more palpable when the product in question is not even getting replaced due to technical advancements or when it’s only one or more parts of the product that are actually lost. In the case of AirPods the complicated repairing/assembling process is entirely absent and can be easily conducted by the policyholder on their own.

“Through only replacing the charging case or the one Pod when the rest of the product is still in the policyholder’s possession, we have identified a more cost effective and sustainable alternative for both the policyholder and the insurance company.” says Anton Lind, COO at Upptec.

Spares Nordic AB and its e-commerce website www.teknikdelar.se (e-commerce sites are also available on the Danish, Finnish and Norwegian markets) and has sold spare parts for mobile phones since 2012. In later years they have also established themselves as a strong alternative in phone accessories, audio & video and smart home items.


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