Andreas Martin

Corporate Development Director

Innovation engineer with a passion for digital transformation.

With a broad enthusiasm for high end technology and business, I always seek new ways to provide great value for people and organisations with innovation.

I started working part time at Upptec in 2015 with product administration, claim handler support and a great interest in the insurance industry beside my studies. 
By that experience I have built a broad knowledge in the insurance industry and how we can provide great customer experience, that also drives efficiency, with automated claim valuation. I am proud to help new clients with successful claim automation and I am pleased to see how the insurance industry is increasing focus on customer experience.

In 2018 I completed my degree in innovation engineering and since then I have combined my academic studies with my professional experience on the journey to support the winners in the new insurance world.

You’re more than welcome to contact me for an initial conversation about how we together can provide value for all policy holders.