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Perhaps the biggest advantage of all

Claim automation is a tremendous opportunity for the insurance industry. It starts with The seven steps on the Road to Successful Claim Automation. An automation process means just valuations, cost efficiency and satisfied customers. Fantastic!

But perhaps, the biggest advantage of all in the wake of the digitalization is the data that a valution process creates.
The winners of the industry know how to convert big data into smart data – a knowledge that provides invaluable insights of an expansive market. Exciting!

A good analytical tool puts the insurance company in the driver’s seat in the insurance industry’s digital race.

The road to get there is a analytic tool that gathers all of the company’s claim settlements in one place – big data converted into smart data! Compiled to make it possible to see into the future, make forecasts or measure efficiency. A system for risk management without any limitations.
A system that is compliant with EU’s Solvency II. Upptec’s system for Claim Automation, containing one of the world’s best analytic tools, saves not only every individual detail in the valuation process but also ensures that the analysis is based on data of the highest quality. Really smart!

This is the Road to a Successful Claim Automation.

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