Easy, fast and flexible – we are launching an environmentally friendly instant settlement solution with many redeem choices.

Go from claim to payout in seconds

It is easy to neglect the settlement stage. But in fact this is a great last opportunity to interact with your customers.

Upptec Settlement is an easy, fast and digital settlement for carriers – very few consider the conversion to a circular economy in the claims and settlement process.

Our goal is to enable instant settlement, ensuring claimants can action the outcome of a claim as quickly as possible from FNOL.

The best option for your policyholder is choice. More than a great payment type, it is the ability to give your customer the option to choose their preferred settlement method that will drive a great customer experience.

Upptec Settlement gives your policyholder an element of choice. Easy, fast and flexible is what the consumers want. With Upptec marketplace you can deliver that. Cash, replacement, repair or voucher with well-known brands for the policyholder to choose from.

As soon as the settlement of any claim is set, the confirmed amount can be spent on the portal in order to secure a fast and efficient way of reclaiming the specific items.


Enabled by Upptec, online marketplace can be white labeled with the carrier’s brand.


The policyholder can make a sustainable choice of settling with a refurbished product.


The marketplace also enables settlement by e-voucher or a cash option powered by MasterCard.



It’s about freedom and being OK with what happens in life, no matter what. We have designed an insurance claims experience based on how people actually want to be treated.



Integrate With Upptec Valuation

Upptec Settlement provides a secure, reliable, swift, and electronic claims settlement portal directly integrated with the contents claim automation solution – Upptec Valuation.

The portal is filled with electronic and physical gift cards together with a complete range of the necessary payment and redeem options that the consumer demands.

On top of the purchase and payment options, there are built-in connections towards repair, swap, and IT-recycling partners that support the policyholder in making the best, environmentally friendly and most efficient settlement decision.

Upptec Settlement’s portal has a plug-and-play functionality with full automation 24/7 to guarantee the absolute highest availability. The portal can be delivered customized with your look and feel and corporate design for the best customer experience.

Timing, Talent Or Simply Luck?

How do you make sure that the right customers end up at your doorstep willing to actually purchase something instantly?

With a completely new way of thinking, we can capture a potential customer who’s not only looking for a specific item that your company can offer, but they are also in the buying stage, the first point of contact with you.

And there’s one more thing – the monetary means used for purchase – we’ve already taken care of.

Why It’s Smarter To Buy Refurbished?

It’s affordable, you’re right, one of the most attractive things about buying a refurbished iPhone is the price. A new phone is not in everyone’s budget.

It’s a sustainable choice – did you know that most of the phones emission is caused during the production of the phone itself? Saving raw material means saving on the environment.


Through Upptec automatic valuation processed either through the remote claims adjuster or self-service, the amount is directly communicated to the Settlement portal.

In a few seconds.

The Retailer Network is based upon creating available replacement products that cover any and all areas of home content. With prices from credible, household name retailers.

With our strong history and expertise of working with online retailers, Upptec has been able to combine the two areas (insurance and e-commerce) required to deliver settlement.

A refurbished product is not the same as a used product. It has been restored through spare parts and rigorously tested to have the same performance, functionality, and feel as when the item was manufactured.