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Cut Claim Costs

Cut Claim Costs

By far the largest expense item

Claim costs and operations costs is by far the largest expense item in the insurance industry

Every small inaccurate valuation and variation in the valuations among the adjusters has a great impact on claim costs. With a uniform standard, the opportunities to reduce and gain control over costs increase.

Upptec Claim Content Automation with uniform valuations means control of claim costs. Our customer use cases show reduced settlement of more than 10%. 

Automation provides great gains to claims handler productivity and maximises claim process efficiency to enable allocation of resources to complex claims of higher value and risk.

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Power Compliance

To be compliant, to document, to be transparent and verify calculations and valuations in the claim process is necessary and obvious.


Having sustainable processes for investments and claims handling will be a competitive advantage for policyholders when choosing insurance companies.

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Self Service

Self Service Claim

Self Service is the new normal as the customer expects 24/7 availability in the channel of choice anytime, anywhere and in every way.

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