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Add sustainability to drive profit and increase customer experience

It is no news to anyone that sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda. In 2020, major steps have been taken in the insurance industry to implement processes of a sustainable perspective.

However, we are only at the beginning of what is to come. It’s time to think circular or risk falling behind.

Having sustainable processes for investments and claims handling will be a competitive advantage as this is now floating up as one of the key factors for policyholders when choosing insurance companies.

The challenges resulting from climate change for insurers are evident, but at the same time they are in a privileged position to be part of the solution.

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Cut Claim costs

Claim Costs

Claim costs and operations costs is by far the largest expense item in the insurance industry.

Power Compliance

To be compliant, to document, to be transparent and verify calculations and valuations in the claim process is necessary and obvious.

Upptec Products

Self Service

Self Service Claim

Self Service is the new normal as the customer expects 24/7 availability in the channel of choice anytime, anywhere and in every way.

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