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Remote Claim Adjuster

Remote Claim Adjuster

Remote claims boosts the customer journey with a human touch to deliver on the customer commitment

Claim Content Digitalisation

Digitalisation empowers the Claims Adjuster to make remote transparent valuation of the customers claim and instant settlement. It will not only provide remote availability but also a customer centric experience with a human touch. With our 3 week remote implementation plan, you will be fully operational with a remote claims process, ready to Cut Claim Costs, Boost Customer Experience and Power Compliance.

Business case potential based on customer use case – evidence savings of €79 per claim

Powered by Upptec

Upptec provides automation of the key steps in the claims process:

  1. Identification of the policyholders content
  2. Valuation based on the current market price
  3. Calculation of settlement according to policy


Digital technologies are enabling innovative carriers to meet and even drive customer expectations, giving them a powerful advantage.

Our cutting edge technology handles claim content digitalisation 24/7, which requires responsive and stable systems. We have selected one of the most stable technologies in the world, Elixir/Erlang, to guarantee quick response times and the absolute highest availability.

The remote claim adjuster solution is a web based solution for insurance claim adjusters to process claim content in the browser of a computer or a tablet. 

Building the world’s best complex systems requires deep knowledge of both the users and the industry. Our development team knows everything worth knowing about a claims process. That is the reason our systems are world class

Get Digital in 3 Weeks

Now is the time to act and start the transition to a customer centric experience that provide availability and transparency.

With a 3 week remote implementation plan, you will be fully operational with remote claims adjuster ready to deliver on the customer commitment.

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