Who are we?


Compensation for damage is the very reason for buying insurance. It is also the insurance company’s largest expense. The valuation itself is the essence of the relationship between insurance companies and clients. We performed our first automatic valuation in 2006 for Länsförsäkringar, Sweden’s largest insurance company. Ever since, we have continued to provide valuations on all gadgets found in a home. Credible and fair valuations.


Providing automated valuations in the European market, we are market leaders in Sweden since 2006. Our clients are primarily insurance companies, but our extensive industry expertise in damage compensation has made Upptec a natural partner in the European insurance industry ecosystem.

Ecosystem (partners)

The industry is facing a digital transition, and collaboration is the most effective way to create real value in the digital era. Collaboration with the best in their respective fields. Upptec is the best at valuation and we always will be. But we are not the best at everything. Therefore, we collaborate with partners that complement us so that we can offer parts of the process as well as a comprehensive solution.


Our “factory” handles automated damage assessments 24/7, which requires responsive and stable systems. We have selected one of the most stable technologies in the world, Elixir/Erlang, to guarantee quick response times and the absolute highest availability.

Building the world’s best complex systems requires deep knowledge of both the users and the industry. Our development team knows everything worth knowing about a claims process. That is the reason our systems are world class.

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