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Game-changing projects

We collaborate closely with insurance companies and partners to develop modern digital solutions that improves the way of working with claims. Our Claims Lab is curious to create true innovations and to anticipate the future of claims.

Discover our cases to see how we’ve tackled some of our customers most pressing challenges, and the innovative solutions and results we’ve achieved together.

Customer Quote:

“We wanted to simplify the handling of larger claims, both for the customer and the claims adjuster, and presented our request to Upptec. They were very receptive, and together we were able to develop this solution. The change and development have progressed smoothly, and above all, it has been enjoyable to see our thoughts and ideas come to life. The collaboration with Upptec gives us the opportunity to tailor solutions that best suit our and our customers’ needs.”

Together we accelerate your transformation

We are proud to partner with some of the leading organisations and insurers, collaborating as one team to take digital claims experiences to the next level.

Together, we make change old ways of working towards a better tomorrow through world-class digital solutions.

Some of our projects with customers & partners

Claims Lab’s goal is to be the meeting place for innovation between Upptec and the insurance industry. Together, we can develop solutions that will make the claims journey easier, faster, and smarter.

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