we make life less complicated for people, insurers and their employees

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We simplify your work

Easier, Faster & Smarter

We have everything you need to improve your ways of working with claims, from tailored API-solutions to simpler valuation services. We make it easier, faster and smarter. Guiding policyholders, employees and entire organizations to make life less complicated for people.


Changing old ways

We like traditions – but within the insurer landscape we believe we can question the status-quo to deliver new and smarter ways of working. Who doesn’t love a true game-changer?

Creating the future of claims

We are innovative, we don’t only solve current problems, we innovate for the future – making sure to meet the expectations of tomorrow.

Partners for life

We believe we can make a difference for people, insurers and employees by delivering true innovations with clear benefits. Being a helping hand whenever you need it.

Who we are

We are here for people, when something unexpected happens…

For the small things or the big ones – when you need a helping hand, our mission is to make it easier and hassle-free every step of the way.
We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, leveraging the latest technology in order to change old ways and to solve future problems.
And we share our deep expertize and knowledge, always in a humble way.
We make life less complicated for people, insurers and their employees who – thanks to our smart and modern innovations, will love us.
We are not just selling solutions, we improve ways of working that in the end will mean real difference for people, when they need it the most.