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”Claim automation is a tremendous opportunity for the insurance industry and the core of every automation process is digital valuations and identification which leads to cost efficiency and satisfied customers.

We know all there is to know about claim automation for homes and we have taken it further than anyone else. We would now like to share this experience.

Here is a clear insight into what is needed in order to succeed.”
Magnus Franck
Magnus Franck, CEO

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1. Valuation

A valuation that is automatic, uniform and objectively based, on the largest amount of quality data possible, is crucial in order to be able to build trust. It is in that moment when an incident occurs that expectations need to be met and trust strengthened. It is supposed to be easy. Just. And for all. That is the road to customer satisfaction.

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2. Digital valuations

There are many different ways to make a valuation. But the digitalisation sets new requirements where every method must ensure a consistent, uniform and just valuation. It has to be performed in a fraction of a second, in all channels, every time. There is one valuation system that makes this possible.

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3. Invaluable insights

An automated claim valuation offers big advantages. The biggest advantage of all is perhaps the data that is generated in the digital valuation process. The winners of the industry know how to convert big data into smart data – knowledge that will provide invaluable insights into an expansive market.

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