Launching Open-Link

An easy solution to complex claims. Open-Link makes it possible to create and send a link to the policyholder to file contents directly in the reported claim.

An easy solution to complex, time-consuming claims

Complex claims are a hassle to take care of – we know this due to the fact that our customers and partners are in need of making it easier. Complex claims are claims where there are often multiple items stolen or damaged, or even when all contents in a home is lost. The claims are time-consuming and it takes time to register and file all objects associated to the errand. Tragically, all things cannot be replaced but the need to file each object is time consuming and phone queues are not where you want to spend your time following such a loss.

Time-efficient claims processing

So instead, we came up with Open-Link. Open-Link is a part of our Valuation solution and serves as an add-on for the insurers. While creating a claim the claims handler and adjusters can immediately share a link with the policyholder, directly connected to our database. The claim handlers can work together with the policyholder to fill in the claim and identify all items or simply hand it over to the policyholder to finish the claim on their own whenever they find the time. This is time-efficient and enables the claim handler to focus on providing the best customer service while repetitive claims valuation and calculation tasks are automated and stream-lined. 

The policyholder has access to the link and can send it to family-members etc. because let’s be real – can you do a complete inventory of your home’s content on your own? You can access the link to your claim from any type of mobile device which also provides you with flexibility if you are traveling or on the road.

Open-Link is an add-on feature for Upptec Connect. Open-Link makes it possible to create and send a link to the policyholder to file contents directly in the reported claim.

What value does Open-Link bring?

  1. The link is open 24/7 for the policyholder to file their claim digitally at their own convenience.
  2. The solution is completely digital – no more spreadsheets or PDFs sent back and forth.
  3. The claims handler frees up time and can handle more claims in a shorter time and Increase First Call Resolution (FCR).
  4. This solution is a short-cut to completely automate the claims process.
  5. Data collection becomes possible – more insights and analytics of larger claims.
  6. Available now in Swedish and will be available in Europe during early spring.

Open-Link has been launched with one of the bigger insurance companies in Sweden and will be available in Europe during early Spring 2022.

Is your insurance comapny future-ready?

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