Upptec Open-Link is here to stay

Open-Link is a shortcut to automate your claims handling

A short-cut to completely automate your claims process

Upptec Open-Link makes it possible to create and send a link to the policyholder to file contents directly in a reported claim.

Claims with multiple items are usually not that quickly resolved.

How de we know this? Well, our customers have asked us to develop a solution just for this purpose.

To register a claim with multiple items is time-consuming and is often a process that is cumbersome due to the lack of information during the first call.

Tragically, all things cannot be replaced but the need to file each object is still a must – and we know that phone queues are not where you want to leave your customers.

We decided to do something about it and developed Upptec Open-Link – as a part of our claims valuation services.

In short, Upptec Open-Link is a short-cut to completely automate your claims management process.

Open-Link makes it possible to create and send a link to the policyholder.

The claimant can then file contents directly into the reported claim. This solution provides an easy fix for both small and complex claims. The policyholder fills Open-Link from anywhere at any time. 

Using Open-Link will significantly decrease development time and solution complexity.

Developed for team work

The shareable link makes team work easy. A family can join a link simultaneously when complex, large claims arise, adding items in real-time on multiple items and work in the link during the same time.
Or if you need a helping hand, the claims handler can assist in real-time.

You can access the link to your claim from any type of mobile device which also provides you with flexibility if you are traveling or on the road.

The input becomes transparent and less time is spent on large claims with multiple objects. 

The only thing expected from you? Simply provide your policyholder with the link.

Automatic claims valuation is here to stay


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