Upptec Valuation in Guidewire ClaimCenter

Save time, boost customer experience, and bring transparency. A cloud solution with a self-service plug-in for claim contents automation. Guidewire users can make smart decisions and enable straight-through-processing inside the add-on in seconds.

Upptec Valuation in Guidewire ClaimCenter

Save 100 Euros per claim – Save time, boost customer experience, and bring transparency!

Claims are by far the largest expense for carriers. Upptec Valuation Add-on is the remedy to the industry’s major pain-points, by saving time, reducing compensation variation, and bringing transparency to policyholders.

Upptec has developed a cutting-edge solution which enables contents claim automation for home insurance. It allows Guidewire users to provide a fair, transparent, and quick compensation. As a result the customer’s experience is improved whilst claim costs are reduced.

Upptec Valuation’s dynamic and unique products database allows Guidewire users to get fast, efficient, transparent, and reliable market prices. Upptec Valuation uses local prices from local retailers and is available in 12 languages. The insurer’s policies and depreciation rules are integrated in the solution which instantly calculates the final compensation.

Upptec Valuation Add-on synchronizes the claim valuation and compensation within Guidewire ClaimCenter, keeping claim handlers informed. A fully automated claims process with a self-service plug for policyholder’s is also possible.

Main benefits:

  • Save an average of 100 Euros per claim.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost customer experience.
  • Enable 24/7 straight-through-process (STP) claims handling

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