William joins Upptec – Embarking on a career in Insurtech

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the role of a Strategic Project Manager has become increasingly vital. Now William Melander joins Upptec to drive innovation.

William Melander joins Upptec to drive innovation and customer projects

In the fast-paced realm of insurtech, innovation is the name of the game. Meet William, a dynamic professional who is about to embark on a thrilling career in this exciting and transformative industry.

Meet William Melander

William Melander will join Upptec as a Strategic Project Manager, the role is pivotal in navigating the complexities of modern insurtech. Williams ability to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, coupled with his knack for fostering collaborations, makes him a great asset to Upptec. He will ensure that projects are not only completed successfully but also contribute to the overarching strategic goals of our partners and customers.

William is born and raised in Stockholm and has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

I spent the last year of my Master working part-time here at Upptec, getting a feel for the insurtech business. I studied in Lund and during my time there, I volunteered both at nations and the famous Lundakarnevalen. A great experience, learning how to collaborate and maximize value, something I will take with me into Upptec. A clear benefit of living in the south of Sweden is getting closer to the alps, since skiing is a favorite activity of mine.

– William Melander

Upptec as an Insurtech will not only benefit from this strategic approach, both insurance companies and also policyholders. It will bring insight, innovation and efficiency to an industry that had been perceived as opaque and cumbersome for too long.

William represents a new generation of professionals who are committed to pushing the boundaries of what insurance can be. With his passion, technical expertise, and a visionary mindset, he will be a great contributor to the future of claims.

Andreas Martin, CEO at Upptec.


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