Bodil Rosvall Jönsson joins the Board of Directors

Bodil Rosvall Jönsson will join Upptec’s Board of Directors

Bodil Rosvall Jönsson has been selected to join Upptec’s Board of Directors

Bodil is an experienced CEO and board member with a demonstrated history of working in the incubator industry and public sector. Now she will join as new board member at the Malmö-based Insurtech company Upptec.

Meet Bodil Rosvall Jönsson

You have just joined the board of directors at Upptec. Welcome, how does it feel?

It feels great, and I look forward to getting to know the operations and contributing to Upptec’s future development.

Can you briefly tell us about your background and your previous work experiences?

I was born and raised in Malmö and bring with me 25 years of experience from industry, growth companies, and the public sector. I have been working in my company, BRJ Management, for the past 5 years. My current board assignments include Eolus (publ), Voice Diagnostics, Språkservice, and Malmö FF.

– Bodil Rosvall Jönsson

You have a lot of experience as board member in various companies, how will you bring knowledge and experience to Upptec, and what will you contribute with?

I will contribute by both challenge and strengthen the management in the company’s journey going forward, drawing from experiences with other tech and growth companies that I’ve worked with.

What do you think is the most important thing to look at in a growth company like Upptec?

That we, as a company, drive development within our industry and niche. That we inspire to challenge our customers with new innovative products/services. To identify and assess various growth thresholds and make decisions based on this knowledge. And that we, as a company, attract talented employees.

Why do you find Upptec an interesting company?

Upptec has a clear business strategy and the ability to deliver requested services thanks to a motivated team with deep tech expertise.

What does the future look like for Upptec, in your opinion?

Upptec has all the prerequisites to grow its business through a combination of new innovative solutions and expanding into more markets. I look forward to being part of that journey.”


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