From summer worker to CEO

Andreas Martin steps up as Upptec CEO

Andreas Martin steps up as new CEO at Upptec

Introducing Andreas Martin, the newly appointed CEO of Upptec. Raised in Lund and educated in Engineering at Halmstad University, Andreas’s journey to his new role is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and leadership.

Andreas began his career with Upptec five years ago as a project manager, tasked with onboarding their first international customers. His aptitude for creating and managing relationships quickly led to his advancement within the company.

He took on roles as a Business Development Manager and Corporate Development Manager, focusing on scaling sales, product, and the organisation’s processes. Most recently, as Chief Product Officer, Andreas has shown exceptional understanding of Upptec’s offerings and delivery mechanisms.

Andreas embodies a leadership style marked by a sincere commitment to active listening and understanding. These qualities, combined with his deep knowledge of the industry, have fostered an environment of collaboration and mutual respect at Upptec, empowering the team to push boundaries and innovate continually.

Pontus Hemby, founder and chairman says:

“We chose Andreas as our CEO because he has a strong will, selfless ambition, and a genuine passion for the success of our company. Moreover, he genuinely focuses on empowering our team and individuals. He fosters a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared responsibility, allowing each individual to thrive and contribute to our success”.

Andreas vision for Upptec focuses on strengthening relationships with existing clients, helping them solve more problems, and scaling the business in Europe by focusing on key markets. 

One of Andreas’s top priorities is advancing Open-Link, a plug-n-play Self Service tool that enables policyholders to manage their claims directly. This has already been successful with Upptec’s clients and plans are in place to enhance it further. To stay at the forefront of the industry, Upptec is also making significant investments in artificial intelligence.

“My journey at Upptec, from onboarding our first international clients to taking on the role of CEO, has been driven by one guiding principle: our customers and their customers. Understanding their needs, solving their problems, and making their lives easier with our technology.

As I step into this new role, I am ready to leverage my experience, our team’s talent, and our commitment to customer success to steer Upptec towards a future of sustained growth and impact.”

– Andreas Martin, CEO at Upptec

Andreas Martin brings to his role as CEO a blend of people focus and tech-savviness. Guided by a desire to make life easier for people and organisations through innovative technology, he stands at the helm of Upptec ready to steer it towards an exciting future.


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