Launches game-changing self-service

Upptec is proud to have launched the first fully self-service solution in Sweden together with Moderna Försäkringar.

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Upptec is proud to have launched the first fully self-service solution in Sweden together with Moderna Försäkringar. This is a total game-changer for the claims handling in the insurance industry in Sweden.

With a consumer centric experience as main focus, the self-service solution offers a straight-through-process, enabling the consumer to handle insurance claim in a fully automatic way.

Why is it important for insurance companies like Moderna Försäkringar to implement self-service solutions?

– Moderna Försäkringars ambition is to always stay ahead when it comes to the digital transformation that society is undergoing. Automatic self-service is a great example – we make life easier for our customers by providing self-service for content claim automation, says Fredrik Lihammer, Head of Operations at Moderna Försäkringar.

– The customers can file their insurance claims when it suits them, and we create the possibility to free up their time in their everyday life. The simple claims should just be handled fast and trouble-free, even when it comes to the settlement, says Fredrik Lihammer.

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Self-service is becoming the new normal as insurance companies like Moderna Försäkringar launches innovative automation projects to secure instant delivery on the customer expectations.

The policyholder’s expectations to report a claim digitally is already very clear and will during the next coming years also increase further. The customer wants to be able to report an insurance claim at any hour of the day, not just during insurance companies’ office hours. With focus on automated self-service, we at Moderna see that we can meet these expectations and even exceed them. The customer has expectations on fast, uncomplicated handling, says Fredrik Lihammer.

Upptec is proud to have in collaboration with Moderna Försäkringar developed the first fully automated self-service solution for personal property and home content among Upptec’s customers in Sweden.

– This is really unique and it’s fantastic that we together have launched an innovative solution where customer experience is at the top of our agenda. This will really set the standard going forward in the business, says Magnus Franck, CEO at Upptec.

To launch an automated self-service solution within content-claim-automation sets high demands on the coordination, procurement and prerequisites from the organization. This has been a very lean process together with Moderna Försäkringar

What has been the key highlights and learnings from this process?

–  The most important highlight from this process is how we, between functions within the organization at Moderna Försäkringar, has worked together to deliver a service that simplifies the claims process for our claims adjusters and at the same time deliver a fast, digital experience with a world-class service, says Dilan Uzun, Contract Manager at Moderna Försäkringar.

– An important take away for us at Moderna Försäkringar, who is a relatively small player, is that we have succeeded to challenge the insurance industry and the somewhat conservative way of claims handling. This only proves that we work with a modern mindset with the aim to adapt after customers’ needs and wishes, with great commitment to create a better and easier customer journey as possible. It feels good to be a part of the team that contributes to this innovative solution and that hopefully will lead to more satisfied customers and claim adjusters, Dilan Uzun at Moderna Försäkringar.

Ted Göransson, Commercial Director Nordics at Upptec continues to describe the project and cooperation together with Moderna Försäkringar.

– Every company has their internal structure and organization which in turn makes every automation process unique, something that is very informative for us at Upptec. In this case with Moderna Försäkringar, who chose to take the full step into a full self-service solution, it has been a very smooth and easy process, and we have thanks to close collaboration been very effective in the implementation, says Ted Göransson at Upptec.

A whole new level of claims

The future of insurance will be digital – and we’re here to help you future-proof your business.

– We are extremely proud and happy to present yet another exciting partnership to automate the insurance claims process. Together with this solution we will be able to deliver on-demand solutions to the Swedish insurance market – and thanks to this we have taken yet another step towards a more simple and better customer experience, says Nicklas Larsen, CEO at Moderna Försäkringar.

Automation enables a new customer experience and provides availability and openness expected in the customer journey. The customers’ voices are loud and clear and now it’s up to insurers to respond with digital claim experiences. Anytime, anywhere and in every way.


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